Older women – younger men relationships – tips to make it work

Now a days relationships do not just mean a man and a woman of same age or educational background getting together. With the changes in the outlook and the awareness it has become common for a younger man to date an older woman. The younger men, these days are more interested in Cougars and so these relationships are increasing in number. Here are a few tips, which can help you score over and keep your relationship healthy.

Be dominating and let them dominate too

For younger men it is important to understand that the women who are older are more experienced and have seen more life than others. It is important to acknowledge the fact that they might like the things their way and so let them dominate if that’s what they want. For Cougar ladies also it is important that to keep the relationship going and filled with fun their younger partner should be allowed some freedom. The freedom here is referred to as the chance given to them to be dominating at times. This makes things equal and enjoyable for both the partners and prevents misunderstandings from cropping up.

Support each other’s career objectives

It is important that both the partners support the career objectives of one another. The older woman might already be successful with things working in favor of her and her designation. It is important for the younger man to understand the fact and let his partner reach the heights she wants to. Similarly a young man might have to work real hard to reach the place where he wants to be. His partner should appreciate the fact and motivate him to achieve better and push him to reach greater heights.

Let present rule over past

Another important factor is that both the partners should gel in a manner that is not only inseparable but also extremely compatible. The important part is that neither the older woman nor the younger man should dwell on the past. What is gone is long forgotten and this will only bore your partner and it is a possibility that your partner gets jealous. You both should concentrate on present and enjoy the time that you have together instead of wasting it away on past. Past relationships and other emotional stories are a strict no-no if you want to take things long.

Relationships between younger men and older women can work only when you have managed to develop a greater level of understanding amongst each other. You'd have to respect each other’s opinions and communicate effectively.

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