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There are a number of names that are given to a relationship that exists between a woman older to the man she dates. These relationship shave gained popularity in the recent times and this is because of the social acceptance of Cougar-Puma concept. In fact it has been found that the women who are ultra successful go for only younger men and have a wonderful relationship with them. The reasons and advantages of such a relationship can be understood from the following points.

Makes them stay bossy

Young handsome men are inexperienced and thus they can be easily tamed as per the requirement and liking. This also makes it easy to make them do things you want them to do. They will easily say yes to what the Cougar lady says and this makes the lady feel powerful even outside work. The bossy attitude can thus be maintained and the outcome is a partner who suits your requirement and is molded the way you want him to be. The older woman gets pleasure from being able to have her say in the relationship aspects as well.

Makes them feel wanted

The advantage of dating a man who is younger to you is that you can feel all the things you have always wanted to. The man who is younger to you is sure to have a good physique or at least a better stamina than yours. He is dating you and that of course is a matter of consideration. This clearly indicates that he finds you sexy and attractive. This in turn makes you feel attractive, wanted, loved, cared for and respected. You are financially stable and that helps you by making your man feel dependent on you. This gives you additional advantage on top of all other things. The older woman is bound to feel a flood of emotions due to all these factors.

Open to Experiments

Last but not the least a relationship between people with age gap is very exciting. There are so many things to discover, to learn and to unlearn that the fun stays forever. The younger men are open to all sorts of experiments and you can mold them as per your interests. These relationships also add the element of uncertainty and make you expect the unexpected. This is what maintains the charm and make you feel happy, always.

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